Month: April 2008

A story here, a story there about “franken-measures”

I’ve almost got too much good stuff for my story in BI This Week about offbeat metrics. Stacey Barr, “the performance measure specialist” in Australia and Zach Gemignani at Juice Analytics in North Carolina both came through with insight-provoking cases.

Zach calls metrics for those hard-to-reach places where bookkeepers don’t go “franken-measures.” Stacey calls them “proxy measures.” By whatever name we call them, Zach and Stacey came up with good mini-cases.

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Breaking the snooze

A friend who’s deep in the financial applications world goes into a lot of sales presentations intending to buy something. But he complains to his wife later, “About 30 seconds into it, I just about couldn’t keep my eyes open.”

Once in a while, though, some salesperson tells a story. Then it sticks. Then he can overlay the story onto the product’s features. Then it’s real. What a relief.

BI for the lone wolf

Who says one-person operations can't use business intelligence? I don't want MicroStrategy to outfit my tiny office, now near San Francisco, with its latest and greatest. No, but I do want a company like Intuit, ever more interested in the one-person market, to understand that money isn't the only data individuals should track.

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