Not by muffins alone

Do the TDWI San Diego organizers think we’re on a diet? Are attendees and exhibitors no longer paying full fare? I try, but I can’t quite forgive the elimination of hot breakfast.

You may recall the spread that once honored us: chafing dishes full of scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, potatoes, biscuits alongside gravy, crisp red seedless grapes and fans of sliced honeydew and cantaloupe. Also three kinds of muffins, cold cereal and hot cereal, too. All were continually refilled to encourage bountiful first and second helpings.

At this show, sadly, there are no hot chafing dishes, there is no melon, there is no cereal of any kind. There are just muffins and, far off to the side as if to retard consumption, a tray of bagels.

Though I cannot imagine why TDWI would risk everlasting shame in Chowhound or Yelp, I do know one thing. Muffins alone don’t cut it. Bring back the hot breakfast.

2 Responses to Not by muffins alone

  1. Gee, I thought the breakfast pastries (available in addition to muffins) were pretty good, much better than typical hotel-conference fare. Of course, as an instructor and presenter I wasn’t paying for it.

  2. Yes, they were top-of-the-line hotel muffins. But there are no free muffins in life, and these had an opportunity cost. You could have had something that would provide more sustained fuel for your brain, delivered less fat or simply satisfied you better.

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