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Agile BI for a chilled economy

It’s called “agile BI,” and it goes like this: forget the big meetings, forget the planning, forget the budgeting. Just get someone from IT and someone from business together and make a prototype in a week.

Dave Wells, an independent consultant after five and a half years as TDWI education director, reports that clients are asking for this. “Let’s just see what we can whip up in an hour or three,” he said. If the prototype doesn’t come up with the most useful answer, the two people on the team rework it until it does.

“People are no longer asking for the big heavy BI applications with a life span of five to ten years,” he said. “They want fast answers right now.”

It’s one solution for a chilled economy—and I’m looking for others for BI This Week. Have you heard any novel, out-of-the-box or off-the-wall ways that anyone has squeezed results from BI? Make a comment or use the contact form today.

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