Month: May 2009

BI terms that mean something

What a radical idea: break business intelligence down by the types of work to be done — financial intelligence, human-resources intelligence, risk intelligence, etc. — instead of by the technology — data warehousing, data integration, dashboards, etc.

“If I put my feet in the shoes of a business person listening to someone pitching ‘business intelligence,’ what I hear is another IT silver bullet,” eLearningCurve education director Dave Wells said recently.

If you’re talking to a finance officer, for example, about forecasting cash flows or predictive analytics based on the economy, you might call be describing “financial intelligence.” If you’re talking to an HR manager about retention, recruiting and pay scales, you might be talking about “human-resources intelligence.”

Imagine: BI terms that mean something — exactly what he’s trying to promote. Radical, but smart.

Data lurking in the elevator

The TDWI San Diego conference opens in just 10 weeks, and some people are already thinking about who they hope to avoid.

“We’re sure not going to hide out in a stairway,” one promises but has no other strategy so far. Speculation about who’d win should it come down to a good old bar fight, yes. But only in fun.

One of these knows what an accidental meeting can be like. After avoiding someone for two days, he slipped into an elevator to find his nemesis there filling the space. Going down?