Recession: Government workers say one thing’s for sure

Members of the “large government organization” my secret source addressed on Thursday are sure of one thing: One day, someone with authority is going to walk in and demand records, complete records, on where how they used the Troubled Asset Relief Program money. These visitors will ask to see where money went and how it got there. And right now.

Such new, rigorous expectations arising in today’s recession will benefit the business intelligence industry, he says. He’s one of the brains at a large tech vendor that sells a well-known BI platform.

“The group today were using language I’ve never heard them use before,” he says. Before, sharing data was was blocked for foolish reasons. “That inertia’s been given a kick in the teeth.”

Expectations have changed within government and outside, he says based on first-hand observations. “Requirements are becoming more stringent and more personal. There’s no more ‘the dog ate my homework.'”

“A lot of people are looking at change,” he says, “and BI is an agent of change.” He imagines what must go on now at General Motors. Projects that would have invited ridicule may now be considered.

This is one in a series of posts on the recession and BI.

What have you observed of the recession’s effects on BI? Tell me here.

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