Blog for the times: on high-value, low-cost BI

Dan Murray expects to take another step this week in his thrilling rebellion, spreading the word on high value, low cost BI.

Though it’s a rebellion and may burn with Che Guevara-type zeal, Dan’s methods actually lean way over toward Darwinian evolution. Revolution is expensive and risky, he writes, while evolution is intelligent and incremental. He also likes to point out that Che died brutally at 39 and Darwin died at 73 in bed with family around him.

First, people have to learn the basics, that tough work to create a data warehouse. His rebellion does it with Tableau, spreadsheets and a little guidance.

He’s a busy guy. This week, he’s also speaking at the Tableau Customer Conference in Seattle. He is also COO of Interworks, Inc.

I’ll post the address when I get it.

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