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Month: September 2009

A sweet solution for cherry picking

Don’t say “cherry picking” to people at information-intensive businesses like banks, airlines, and telecommunications companies. You can spoil their lunch if a big customer has just run off to a competitor. Mark Albala says he has a tool that will warn of such a move. He’s president of InfoSight Partners, and he’s about to offer …

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Sustainability and BI: gone from drizzle to “storm”

Last fall’s Oracle OpenWorld had such a strong sustainability theme that I thought for sure I’d find products down in the exhibit hall. Not one. When I asked around, one guy even said sustainability management with BI tech “couldn’t be done.” (Read my TDWI story from back then.) Now we see Terri Rylander’s post — …

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Visual analysis is pragmatic, not just “pretty”

So many of us who feel drawn to visual analysis can’t understand why everyone can’t see the value. “Pretty pictures,” the skeptics mutter. On Eager Eyes, Robert Kosara makes important points that I haven’t seen before. Toward the end of his post he writes, “We need a new term.” He rejects the aged and indefinite …

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