InfoWorld goes “moo!” over Jaspersoft

What’s “Bossie”? It’s InfoWorld’s acronym for “Best of Open Source Software” — a prize it granted Jaspersoft last week. But “Bossie” is also a cow’s name, and that’s a clue to what’s going on here.

InfoWorld added letters — “ie” to make “Bossie” — so I retraced by eliminating them. On a hunch, I first took out the “O” in “boss.” That left the mysterious “bss.” But all became clear when I threw out the redundant second “S” and got to the bottom of InfoWorld’s PR stunt: BS.

As talented as Jaspersoft may be, you would never know it from InfoWorld’s mealy-mouthed evaluation. The reviewer seems to have a hard time even deciding between Jaspersoft and Pentaho, concluding, “… you might find it beneficial to look at both for their respective specialties.” Moo!

An expert I trust likes Jaspersoft. It’s only InfoWorld’s PR that stinks.

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  1. The Guru says:

    Having in depth experience with both, I’d have to agree with InfoWorld’s review. Jasper is handy for departmental reporting, but pales in comparison to Pentaho for large scale, enterprise wide deployments. Also, if you are considering expanding your BI solution beyond reporting, Jasper is a bit of a dead end.

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