BI buying decisions: the rule of thumb

A longtime salesperson of BI products says the average decision to buy relies on these factors:

• About 50 percent of the decision — whether to buy any BI at all or which product to buy — is based on expected ROI. This part always comes first.

• About 20 percent is about career. Someone — usually an IT person — figures, “Even if it’s a bomb and I get laid off, I can say I know Cognos/Microstrategy/Oracle/SAS …” Or else the person figures, “This looks like the next cool thing, and I could be on the ground floor.”

• The last 30 percent is about sex or fear — that is, some sexy feature or fear of implementation. This might include, “I used this thing at my last job, so I know how to make it work here.”


  1. Ted Cuzzillo says:

    It’s the result of one person’s impressions over a significant period. It’s his rule of thumb, and I’ve never seen footnotes on rules of thumb. Do you have your own evidence or rule of thumb?

  2. No, I don’t and that’s why I was very interested in your numbers and was curious if they were based on any sort of formal study or survey, and what length of time on the market your source had spent. very interesting nonetheless.


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