A sweet solution for cherry picking

Don’t say “cherry picking” to people at information-intensive businesses like banks, airlines, and telecommunications companies. You can spoil their lunch if a big customer has just run off to a competitor.

Mark Albala says he has a tool that will warn of such a move. He’s president of InfoSight Partners, and he’s about to offer a new Twitter and blog sniffer to companies in the upper-midmarket and bigger.

Customers often precede their moves with questions about the competitor. Asking “what do you know about …?” on Twitter could be the first and last hint. Albala’s tool monitors such chatter on social media, industry blogs, and other external sources to know when something’s up.

“Your surprises aren’t all coming from your own data,” he says, “but from outside your organization.”

This thing will push notifications to iPhones and Blackberries. It won’t be expensive, he says. He expects the beta to launch in November.

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