Rolling heads can’t think

Wolf Blitzer calls for heads to roll after the Christmas Day attack. But Jill Dychè is a data pro, and she’d rather let the heads think.

“Who should get fired?” is the same conversation as after screwups in corporations, writes Dychè, principal at Baseline Consulting.

Instead, the government should be addressing process issues. Indeed, the real conversation should be how to move forward. These questions should be asked now: “How should we bring identifying data together? What are the key sources? How should integration, access, and usage policies be formulated? What would a sustainable process look like?” Those questions aren’t “who” questions, they’re “how” questions, and they should be front-and-center in the national security conversation.

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  1. Nick Button says:


    I am unsubscribing to your blog after sending you this message. It’s a shame that instead of focusing on business intelligence and data analysis that you bring in your liberal politics whenever the slightest opportunity arises.

    Personally I find that comparing a terrorist act that resulted in the killing of 13 human beings to some trivial corporate mistake is not only intellectually dishonest but also extremely dishonoring to those who died.


  2. Ted Cuzzillo says:

    Nick, faithful reader, defender of morality, I think you’re confused. In three years, I’ve criticized one small group of liberals and referred once quickly to Sarah Palin and once quickly to Fox News. And which 13 victims are you talking about? Fort Hood? I’ve never even alluded to it. I wish I could help you, liberal that I am, but you haven’t even given your email address. All I can say now is please be sure that you unsubscribe from this blog, not some other one.

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