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Our Department of Unwanted Customers has heard from Don Farber of KnowledgeSync about an inquiry from the Strategic Air Command. As you may know, the KnowledgeSync tool monitors activity and generates alerts. Event A occurs and, bang, an alert flies off by email, text, perhaps even ICBM. New sales inquiry? The tool can even issue …

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Self tracking is business intelligence

Back when secretaries were common, you could have had yours track your day in 15-minute increments. In his book The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker suggested this as a way to find out what you really did all day. The results were usually, let’s say, a starting point for improvement. Tracking your time then and now …

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Lyzasoft says “power to the people” with free version

It was International Workers’ Day on Saturday and the official release day of Lyzasoft’s latest product: its foray into “free.” It’s a good way to say “power to the people.” Some people associate that slogan with protests and even violence. But I think the best paths to power usually involve well-analyzed data, whether in public …

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