What would Machiavelli do? Frank Buytendijk wants to know

One of the most interesting people in the wide world of information technology — Frank Buytendijk — has been hard to keep up with lately. OK, you know about his recent book. But his blog is something else, and he’s moved it again. Active minds can be like that.

Now over at BeyeNetwork, he introduces the subject of his next book, tentatively titled The Machiavellian CIO (… and other essays on how the old philosophers would view modern themes in business and IT).

What would the old philosophers have said if they would have been confronted with modern themes in IT? An ideal theme indeed. It allows me to speculate wildly on a number of topics, and blame people that have been dead for hundreds of years (at least most of them). What are they going to do? Argue with me? Unlikely.

He wants you to do what Plato can’t: argue with him. Go argue here.

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