CIO Insight’s monument to redundancy

What drove 39 tweeters to endorse CIO Insight’s latest monument to redundancy? I wonder how many actually read it all. I could hardly reach the first period before fatigue set in.

The blog post titled “Gartner: CIO as Business Transformation Leader,” dated November 1 and promoted on CIO Insight’s email blast last week, begins with an admonishment to CIOs: “it’s time” that they plan to emerge as a “change leader.” OK, but shouldn’t any CIO know that already?

Ten questions follow, including “What type of change is happening?,” “What is the deadline for the change?,” and “What are the constraints …?” followed by explanation and the most basic of advice. Anyone but undergraduate business students should have heard it all before.

It all takes up 1,312 words when the same ideas could have been expressed in half that. What makes people think this stuff is worth a tweet?

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