Survey’s closed, results coming

This afternoon, I finally closed the long-running survey of “those who analyze data.” The results are seeping in to Datadoodle headquarters. I’ll release them in stages over the next two months: first, highlights, then more highlights, and finally a preview report and a final report.

I opened it in mid-February this year. It has 221 responses. I’d say that’s a good number from a small platform like this weblog in this survey-saturated industry.

In case you didn’t realize it, I’m no data analyst myself. My stint in market research that ended more than 10 years ago entailed little data grooming, reshaping, or cleansing. Someone did it for me, and only then would I paw through it. But today, it’s all up to me — me and my handful of data-savvy volunteers.

I’ll identify and thank each one publicly as things progress, along with a few people who helped promote the survey.

The very first look will probably come in my columns at BI This Week (TDWI) and Information Management. After that, I’ll issue a report, first in a preview edition for respondents who asked for it and a few others.

Just watch this space for links.

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