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“Good enough” data analysis will lead to good data analysis

Someone on Quora asks, “What are the most promising disruptive innovations for the next decade (2011-2020)?” The always incisive Venkatesh Rao offered a long list. At least one of his predictions brings to mind the decision support industry’s many do-it-yourself tools. Deprofessionalization/democratization: if you thought blogging taking down professional writing, and amateur photography threatening professional …

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Two more execs on data analysts in the executive suite

An insurance executive I quoted a few weeks ago in this space spoke heresy: Not only do most data analysts he’s known lack the polish for presentations to execs, even worse was too narrow a point of view for leading an organization. It’s the Analytics Gap. To that, the prolific tweeter and data scientist @data_nerd, …

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Execs vs. data analysts gives us the Analytics Gap

One insurance company’s chief data scientist is “terrific at what he does,” says his boss, even “brilliant.” The company is lucky to have him. But he never sees the inside of the executive suite. “He is a quirky, quirky guy,” says the boss, “and he is a super powerful dude in what he’s doing for …

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