People who analyze data, collaborate!

In business, we’ve got data scientists, we’ve got accidental analysts, and we’ve got a million variations in between. Dave Wells thinks they can learn from each other. To help that start up, he’s forming an organization he’s calling Business Analytics Collaborative.

The diversity and fragmentation that challenge those trying to reach this market are the reasons that community building is difficult. Our conclusion is that we need to build the community from the ground up – taking a sort of grass roots approach that begins with local meetups. By stepping away from digital overload and starting locally and face-to-face we can move away from fragmentation while at the same time finding value in the diversity of the analytics space. Once we achieve a workable level of local communities, we can then start to bind the local groups together as a virtual analytics community where collaboration becomes a powerful tool for innovation.

You may recall Dave as the education director at TDWI. He still teaches at TDWI conferences. Now at his new organization, he’s modestly named himself director of community development.

He’s holding a series of meetups. The first occurred on August 8 at Tableau headquarters in Seattle, where 82 people showed up. The next was Wednesday night at TDWI conference in San Diego.

To keep up, go to And show up at a meetup when there’s one near you.

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