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Got analytics? Who will promote the industry?

Business people have everything. They’ve got data, and often it’s clean. They’ve got tools, and many are easy to use. They’ve got visualizations, many of which help. They’ve got domain knowledge, at least most do. What some front line observers find they lack is analytical thinking. Given descriptive data, few business users that BI icon …

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First sip of Context Relevant hints at a winner

Most product vendors can talk for half an hour without even one specific case. But Stephen Purpura, CEO of the predictive analytics startup Context Relevant, actually had a story about something useful — the time his system used scant data to correctly point to a barely known winemaker. Spotting the wine started with a sip, …

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BI industry builds tools for itself: Yellowfin CEO

Why aren’t the data industry’s tools more widely adopted? Data-industry experts have fretted for years over the estimated 5 percent penetration. Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie has an explanation. “We never contextualize applications,” he said at the recent Pacific Northwest BI Summit. “We always talk about the homogenous product. We don’t know the consumer. We don’t …

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No, you’re not a data storyteller yet

The designer Stefan Sagmeister has a message for those who would presume to call themselves a “storyteller” when they’re not really: “No, fuckhead, you’re not a storyteller.” I agree, except for one word: yet. Many could become one. Some of us in the data industry can identify. We’ve shouted something like this at our monitors …

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