Month: January 2016

The Dow falls, fantasies follow

The Dow goes down, and everyone asks why? Was it about the Chinese economy? An impending recession? The price of oil? Does anyone really know? Probably not, but that won’t stop people from telling stories that purport to explain — and some that throw fuel on the fire.

Do you find these stories as annoying as I do? Even when I know nothing of the reasons or even many of the facts, I just listen and moan. So often they have as much to do with the real cause as a cave man’s stories did about angry spirits and lightning.

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Qlik asks what a difference a device makes

Donald Farmer, Qlik Inc.
Donald Farmer, Qlik

When I first heard of Qlik’s research into use of mobile devices, I thought so what? It’s an engineering problem, I said. Just figure out how to make charts work on a laptop, a Mac, an smartphone, and a tablet and be done with it.

That was months ago, when Qlik released its study of mobility use. Then I started watching my own use of these things and finally decided Qlik may be onto something. There may be more to this report than meets the eye.

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