The seductiveness of Power BI

A CEO I hear from has for years embedded Tableau in his BI platform. Tableau is the best choice by far, he says. Lately, though, a new tool has caught the BI market’s fancy: Power BI, from Microsoft. It’s already a strong contender against Tableau, he says.

One more thing: for individuals with a gigabyte or less of stored data, it’s free. The next higher tier cost about $10 a month. At these levels at least, it’s far cheaper than Tableau.

He describes the tool’s seductive quality: “You get your feet wet,” he says, “then your head wet, your whole body wet, and pretty soon you’re drowning.”

It’s still got major pieces missing, but for a lot of people the price tag makes up for that. “You think, ‘Don’t they see that?’ But they don’t care.”