This weblog wanders out on the far end of the many faces of the data industry (aka, business intelligence and other names), where technology fits over the tender and irregular human profile. That’s where interesting things happen.

Content here is strictly free-range. I provide original reporting and analysis on the many topics that interest me.

Datadoodle often mentions particular vendors, but these are usually not the ones I’m working for at the moment.

The first D in “Datadoodle” should be uppercase, and the second D should be lowercase. “Datadoodle,” not “DataDoodle.”


I’m an industry analyst by function and a journalist by trade. I believe that the social and organizational aspects of a “data driven” business are at least as important as the technological aspects.

Since 2007, I’ve been a regular contributor to several industry BI publications, including Information Management and TDWI’s BI This Week, in addition to Datadoodle.

Before BI, I wrote about telecommunications and computer networking. Far in the past, I edited on environmental topics, mostly technical explanations for lay readers of environmental organizations’ publications.

My career took an eclectic, non-traditional route, which I believe gives me a much wider perspective today than the conventional route would have. Before settling down to journalism, I wandered through a variety of colorful jobs. In one stint, I was an Amtrak train attendant (“porter” in those days) — the first white ever hired for West Coast-originating trains and possibly the only one to join the legendary Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. I also washed dishes under the shadow of Half Dome in Yosemite, sold commodity options over the phone (and learned from some of the best salespeople), and dabbled in radio at KSKA, “Anchorage public radio.”

I have a bachelor’s in journalism from San Francisco State University and an MBA from Dominican University of San Rafael.

I like to hear from readers with ideas, feedback, suggestions, and questions. Please use the contact form.

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  1. Jill Dyche says:

    Ted: Darn fine job on your blog. You’ve already covered some great topics and I look forward to more of them. Perhaps the crumbs will lead you toward data governance, customer analytics and social media, emerging job roles in BI, and the resurgence of CRM? Meantime, in anticipation of my BI predictions for 2009, which come out via TDWI next Thursday: Sorry. There. Done.

    Jill Dyche, Baseline Consulting

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