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Stupid analytics gets them talking

If data analysis somehow ends up supporting an unwise choice, should we blame the data? Of course not, no more than we should blame a stethoscope for a bad medical diagnosis or fingerprints for a bad courtroom verdict. Common sense says the only ones responsible are the humans involved. AllAnalytics contributing editor James M. Connolly …

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People who analyze data, collaborate!

In business, we’ve got data scientists, we’ve got accidental analysts, and we’ve got a million variations in between. Dave Wells thinks they can learn from each other. To help that start up, he’s forming an organization he’s calling Business Analytics Collaborative. The diversity and fragmentation that challenge those trying to reach this market are the …

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The future of BI in two words

What’s the future of BI? Last fall, one sharp source of mine answered, “Two words: Tableau and QlikView. You didn’t hear it here.” Those are startling words coming from that source, a well-regarded BI consultant known for big-name clients and their big deployments. At about the same time, a column of mine appeared in Information …

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