Frank Buytendijk to keynote at TDWI Las Vegas 2012

The TDWI keynote speaker who told about jogging with a chip in his shoe is coming back. Frank Buytendijk, always entertaining and thought provoking, will be the Monday morning keynote speaker at next February’s TDWI conference in Las Vegas, according to TDWI education director Paul Kautza this morning.

The chip counted his steps, which gave him reason to run. It seemed like his only reason, he recalled in a TDWI keynote two years ago. One day he returned after only 10 minutes. His wife asked, “What, is it raining?” No, the battery had run down and there was no reason to run.

Frank emails from home in the Netherlands that he’ll speak on “philosophy, discussing truth, reality and what is good.”

Until February, read his weblog. See “Medieval Best Practices,” “What is fact-based, anyway?,” and “Marx, Google and Facebook.

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