How old spin becomes new

This week a longtime consumer of news, blogs, articles, whitepapers, and other content issued by the data industry said this to me.

After reading stories about big data and data quality for years, I think you’ll agree that everything [the data business] has wanted to say, they’ve said. They’re just trying to put new words and spin behind it.

Yes, but why? Is the old stuff all the issuers of old spin know? Are they like a geezer who’s forgotten he’s told the same joke for years? Or do they hold their noses, hoping that no one notices? After all, the “old stuff” is still current stuff, even though it’s not as much fun anymore.

A good way to make it new is with stories. It takes work, but if you ask around long enough you can usually find a novel problem or novel fix. Old stuff doesn’t have to be boring.